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    ElasticityLabs has literally written the books on the new business revolution.


    From the original; Elastic Enterprise, to the Shift in mindsets for the new economy, to Platform, Disruption, Wave; how the platform economy is changing the world. Powerful insight on business revolutions for scale, growth and wealth creation


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    What is Happening, Why is it Happening and What you can do about it!

    Our Workshops for every level of the organization are dedicated to training our clients in how to leverage the elements of elasticity - platforms, ecosystems, universal connectors, sapient leadership and SMAC - to create wealth at scale.



    Elastic Enterprises are performing like no other company ever has before them.

    How will you compete against Elastic Enterprises? Where do you stack-up against their abilities, resources and strategies? How elastic are you and how elastic can you become?


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    Insight Projects provide you with rapid, focused and concise research briefings on specific areas of digital disruption.

    Facilitated by Global SME's our Insight Projects are designed to identify elastic challenges and opportunities as well as; uncover leading practices in process model innovation


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  • Our Team

    Our multinational team combines experience with passion, creativity, and innovation.

    Haydn Shaughnessy

    Disruption & Innovation Leader

    Haydn has spent the past decade studying the disruptive impacts of new business platforms and the formation of business ecosystems. He began is career in innovation and disruption as a science officer managing advanced research in advanced communications. He is the co-author of The Elastic Enterprise, which first documented the new era of platforms, author of Shift: A User's Guide to the Platform Economy, which looked at their economic impact, and Platform Disruption Wave, a look at the global power shifts around platforms. He is also author of a number of research papers on China's influence on platform development. He developed the Key Capability's Index. He is a research fellow at the Center of Business Transformation at UC Irvine, a former Forbes columnist (ReThinking Innovation) and former editor at Innovation Management.

    Nick Vitalari

    Leadership & Strategy Officer


    Dr. Nick Vitalari is an author, thought leader, consultant and educator. He is Managing Director of the start-up Elasticity Labs. He is the co-author of the The Elastic Enterprise: The New Manifesto for Business Revolution.
    Nick’s work focuses on corporate reinvention, emerging global business models, innovation, and collaboration in the public and private sectors.
    With over 25 years of experience in academia and industry, Nick has served the Fortune 500 and major agencies in the U.S. Federal Government. He has developed business technology strategies, new venture business models, has redesigned operational business processes for IT and business organizations and served as an executive coach and educator.

    Michael Glavich

    Chief Business Accelerator


    Michael has a focus on business acceleration—a unique combination of strategy, marketing, and whole-product development that seeks to “change the playing field”, creating unique and unbeatable competitive advantage. Michael has developed and introduced a number of innovative, growth-oriented strategies that constantly push the envelope on new ways of thinking.

  • Areas of EXpertise

    ElasticityLabs has been on the forefront of a new business revolution - elements of the revolution are below and the latest version of our Breakwater Manifesto is available @ click here

    Global Trade Restructuring

    Platforms are becoming huge and broad constellations of businesses and they are beginning to have a profound impact on global trade. One reason trade seems to be slowing down? More of it passes direct from business to consumer via mega-platforms like Alibaba. The businesses we are now breeding are so vast in reach that they are integral to whole economic systems. By design Alibaba is reconfiguring the way global trade is done. We have been researching and consulting with global businesses in this area and written three ground-breaking books. We have the expertise to help you understand, what is happening, why it is happening and where you can create your platform,

    The Evolving Customer and Disruption

    As evidenced in China, customer fandom and engagement is driving huge velocity and scale in business. Customer engagement is amplified with numbers. Whether it is drones, truck cargo or distributed manufacturing companies are responding on a weekly basis to what their customers want. The western attitude to customers as a target could be our undoing as the economy globalizes further. Couple this to the engagement of people as workers in the platform paradigm and there is a powerful force already latent and waiting to change the target-only paradigm.

    Elastic Enterprises and Disruption

    The elastic enterprise (EE) is capable of infinite growth and scale. EEs leverage third party assets to corner new opportunity and broaden participation in wealth creation. The old mantra: leverage other people’s money is replaced by using business platforms to leverage other people’s assets. Under this new organizational form, assets of all kinds are leveraged and networked to produce greater gains and wealth creation for more people. Platforms, Ecosystems and SMAC erase boundaries for offerings and ease the path into adjacent markets. Thus opening a path for disruption across all industries and geographies.

    The Platform Economy

    The platform is a polarizing force across business, academia and government, aggregating huge amounts of wealth to the new utility and unprecedented power over resources in the ecosystem. To make platforms good for society equal weight has to be given to the ecosystem and the principle of mutual leverage. Ultimately platforms are powerful opponents of the status quo and every organization and executive must understand their special role in this new economic system.

  • Publications

    The Elastic Enterprise

    The New Manifesto for Business Revolution

    In this groundbreaking book Vitalari and Shaughnessy explore that question by introducing the concept of a modern platform and ecosystem operating model and what it means for you.


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    A Leader's Guide To The Platform Economy

    The global economy is restructuring around super-corporations running modern business platforms causing older companies and incumbents to feel the chill wind of disruptive competition.


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    Platform Disruption Wave

    How the Platform Economy is Changing the World

    Platform, Disruption, Wave is a compelling account of how the new business platform is changing the role of Government, the firm and the workforce.

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